Folic acid during early neurodevelopment is important, but too much is not good

GUEST BLOGGER!! Once again I've been spoilt with another guest blogger, Nafisa Jadavji. Nafisa is a Canadian based neuroscientist who investigates the important role of folic acid in neurodevelopment. She has written a a great scicomm article on some of the aspects of her research, and what we still have yet to learn about folic acid.... Continue Reading →


Resident evil: Inflammation and depression

On World Mental Health Day I want to share an article I wrote for The Biochemist Blog last week about depression. Depression is multifaceted in cause, symptoms, and effective treatments. One very small aspect of depression is understanding what role inflammation plays in the etiology of depressive symptomology. Below is a very brief article on the links... Continue Reading →

The One Where We Look After Ourselves.

Up to a third of higher degree research students will experience a psychiatric disorder and one in two students will experience some form of mental health issues during their candidate. These are alarming numbers, but being an ex-PhD student I can attest to the impact a higher degree can place on your mental health. The... Continue Reading →

Dear EMCR Self — Happy Academic

This is great, thanks Happy Academic for some inspiration on a Tuesday morning. We get stuck in the day-to-day complexities of life, so it's great to step back and contemplate how far we've come and also the exciting places we're going. L.   What advice would world-leading academics give their EMCR selves? One of the best things... Continue Reading →

The One Where We Problem Solve.

Is it just me, or are the problem solving abilities of the younger generation getting worse? This isn’t a very optimistic view on my part, but I have wondered for a little while now if the ‘Google’ and ‘iPhone’ generation (which I’m not much older than!) have not developed the problem solving capabilities of earlier... Continue Reading →

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