The One Where We Try To Balance Things

As I embark on a short break away from the lab and the university next week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about the issue of the work-life balance. Most of us try to get the balance right, but it doesn’t always pan out the way we’ve planned. For me there... Continue Reading →


The One Where Your Heart is Immune to Disease

Here are the facts. Cardiovascular disease kills an Australian every 12 minutes. Nearly 30% of all deaths in 2015 (45,392) were due to cardiovascular disease. So if there were ways of targeting new treatments, we’d jump at perusing them. Recently, various researchers have been harnessing the power of our genetics to achieve this. You see,... Continue Reading →

The One Where Ravens Outsmart Chimpanzees!

A memory like an elephant, that’s how the saying goes isn’t it? But, as new research published in Animal Behavior this week shows, ravens may not be far behind. Müller et al. found that ravens were able to remember specifically if people were fair or unfair to them during an interaction (food exchange). In the... Continue Reading →

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