The One Where We Give Thanks

I’m going to change tack today. I am going to talk about how amazing and world killing women are. Especially women in STEM roles (for those of you unfamiliar, this means the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

I attended an event last week focussing on, and highlighting women in STEM positions. The panel included four amazing women who relayed their experiences to a crowd of enthusiastic young scientists of women and men. These women have all established incredibly successful careers in science whilst also being mothers, partners, friends, and daughters.

Whilst all coming from different backgrounds these women all share a passion and drive for science and a curiosity for the unknown. They all highlighted times in their careers where they have felt undervalued or dismissed, possibly because they are women.

But one thing I would like to highlight is these women all said that they would not be where they are today, or be as successful as they are, if it was not for an amazing support network behind them.

Having a supportive family was important, but even more crucial is having a partner who is your number one fan.


I’m not trying to say we, as well-equipped, driven women can’t achieve amazing things by ourselves, but having the support and reassurance that ‘someone’s got your back’ in life can be a very powerful tool.

Whether it’s a career in astrophysics, writing a tough research grant, or just trying to get that bowl of spaghetti to taste good for Sunday dinner; when someone’s there, by your side cheering you on, you really do feel like a world killer!

So here’s thanks, to all the people in our lives who support and nurture us, no matter what the outcomes or complications of our careers (and lives) may be.

Thanks cheer squad.



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